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* Why can't I get the files to play/how can I save files directly to disk?
* Why do I get the "Hang on a minute" Page?
* Can you email me a song?
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Note: If you keep getting redirected to the front page ( every time you try to listen to a song, more than likely, your browser's "Referer" sending is disabled. Please look at the following link to fix the issue: Enable Sending Referrers


Why can't I get the files to play/how can I save files directly to disk?
The problem: you choose the song you like, click the button, and your mp3 player comes up but nothing happens (or you get an error). This occurs because you have automatically associated your mp3 files with your mp3 player. That sounds reasonable enough but the holdup occurs when my scripts, which are setup to prevent leeching, think your mp3 player is actually a robot and prevent it from downloading the song at all! But take heart, dear listener, for there is a way out.

Unfortunately, the following guide only applies to Windoze 2000 (since that's the Winblows OS I'm most familiar with) but the same principle should be just as easy to apply to other M$ operating systems, in addition to the Mac, *nix, OS/2, etc. systems. In brief, what you must do is instruct your browser (or Operating System) not to open mp3 files immediately upon download and, if possible, to prompt you to either save it or open it when you download it.

So for IE on Win2k, the workaround is as follows:

  1. Close your browser
  2. Open MyComputer
  3. Choose Tools->FolderOptions
  4. Go to FileTypes
  5. Find the mp3 file type
  6. Click Advanced
  7. Check the "Confirm Open After Download" checkbox
  8. Choose OK and you should be set
For Netscape Users:
  1. Go to Edit->Preferences
  2. Under the "Navigator" option, choose "Applications"
  3. Find your mp3 player (e.g., on Windoze, it would be Mplayer2)
  4. Find the entry corresponding to the "mp3" file type or extension
  5. Click the "Edit" button
  6. Make sure the "Ask me before opening downloaded files of this type" checkbox is checked
  7. Choose OK
  8. Restart the browser

Why do I get the "Hang on a minute" Page?
Occasionally, you'll get a static list of the songs with a note that says:

Hang on a minute, please...

Nota Bene: Mpegs are temporarily unavailable because I need the bandwidth for a little bit. Sorry about that, but check...

Like the note says, I temporarily needed the bandwidth and so took the mpegs page down. Sometimes I take it down manually and other times some scripts that I have kick in and take them down temporarily. If you have an emergency of some sort or see that page for days and days on end, just drop me a line and chances are good I can pop them right back up for you.

Can you email me a song?
Sorry, I can't keep up with that kind of demand. The reason I setup these scripts is so that you can get em yourself... uh, for evaluation purposes only, of course. But if you'd like to make a request for an addition, please feel free to drop me a line at and if I have it in my offline archives, I'll be more than happy to transfer it to the online location. Or, if you'd like to submit some songs, drop me a line and I'll work something out.

Alternatively, you can try running a search on (you have to download their small client program) or via Morpheus -- although, I should warn you that you should *really* have a GREAT virus scanner handy, especially if you use the latter! The third option I use is called WinMX; for old-time Napsterphiles, you'll find this program to be the most similar to, and have as comprehensive a collection as, that one-time bane of the music industry.

Also, although I've found the users of our site to be a very helpful and friendly bunch, I probably won't be able to list your requests in the requests box as the number of requests I get would truly overwhelm their resources (not to mention their ability to work at their day job! :)

Getting Started
 General Information

What is this site about?
This site is basically an extension of our homepage. This is where we share our current listening interests with private individuals (all for free, of course).

How does the site work?
Simple... when it's up (i.e., I don't need the bandwidth; see uptime) then you can click on a song that interests you and either listen to it or save it for listening to it later. There are limits imposed (see spiel) but it's just as easy to work around them (see bypassing the limit).

So basically, all you have to do is select the song you like, hit the Listen button, and it should download the song. You can do this either at the "Most Popular Mpegs" page or at the "Listing Of All Our Songs" page (which contains over 1500 songs).

Why are you doing this?
The main reason I'm doing this is to share our musical interests and tastes with the Net community out there. It also seems to be in keeping with the free spirit of the Net that has been a part of its foundation from the very start. Plus, it's my way of giving a little something back and encouraging others to also share what they can.

 About the Limits

The limits page is what you'll hit after you download a certain number of songs in a certain time frame. This method of preventing leeching might change with the upcoming revision of the site. Usually, the limit is set to 2 songs every ½ hour.

 Bypassing the limit

If you have a static IP then it's possible to bypass the limits. I will, of course, ask that you please exercise personal discretion and not overload the server but, in essence, you will be excused from any and all quotas. If you're confused about what your IP is, just head on over to the Sethi Tools Page and use the Sethi WebSnoop to find your IP (and a whole lotta other goodies about your connection).

An IP address is a numerical identification that looks something like Essentially, an IP address is just like a postal address for your computer; but, unlike a real street address, some IP addresses change every time you log in (I guess they'd be like mobile homes) but others stay the same no matter how many times you log on and off (just like permanent street addresses for regular houses). The latter variety of address is called a static IP and if you have one of these suckers, then I can set it up so that you can download as many songs as you like at any given time (but you'd have to exercise your own discretion to not overload my poor server, of course). Usually the only people that have static IPs are those with cable modems (e.g., me), dsl, or a company connection.

The main thing is that it has to be a static IP (i.e., one that doesn't change) and if you always use the same one (i.e., it's static), then my scripts can identify you and exclude you from the quotas. The reason for this is that I've setup my scripts to see if the IP of the person requesting the songs is in a certain file and, if it is, it then allows them full and unhindered access to the archives. So if the IP isn't static (i.e., it keeps changing), then the script wouldn't be able to recognize it as the same person and would start blocking them. So if you've got a static IP, I'd be more than happy to include it on this list.

Long, Rambling Spiel
 Da Spiel

Why the quota? Well, as some of you who've been around here for a while know, originally there was no quota imposed by me. It was left to the integrity and good graces of each visitor to limit themselves and to help keep this free service running smoothly.

The main reason to have any sort of limit is to ensure that no one person can monopolize resources. I offer this freely to the public, to further cultivate the free spirit of the Net (and in keeping with the friendly exchange that characterized the early days of the Web). The self-imposed quota program was thus an attempt to ensure that everyone had full and equal access to all of our resources. However, freedom, no matter how simple, is never free and always requires enforcement. And so, if anyone used a robot or a downloader to tie up resources and block out others by initiating multiple simultaneous or concurrent downloads, then the simplest solution was for me to ban their IP for a week.

However, as some know, a couple of abusers weren't too happy about that and set about trying to deny everyone by encouraging others to overload our server. And so, dear reader, ended the era of self-regulation. I've now imposed the same quota system via a couple of programs. Personally, I come from a school of thought that encourages cooperation and totally free sharing of resources. The intent being to have a friendly exchange of knowledge and ideas. Sadly, there will always be the selfish few who will abuse freedom... hence the automated enforcement.

Alternatives: However, there are a few alternatives I'm still considering. I can perpetuate the current restriction scheme (where the time period might vary from one hour to one day depending on the traffic). Or, I can implement a system to simply limit the bandwidth so that after a certain amount of bytes have been transferred, the server automatically limits all connections to the equivalent of, say, a 28k modem. Of course, for those of you still struggling along with these aging monoliths (my sincerest sympathies to the three of you!), this isn't a restriction at all (lucky you!). But for those on a cable/dsl connection, this is a significant hit, especially when it comes to large files. Another possible idea is a combination of the two schemes: limiting bandwidth after a certain number of bytes are pulled down and then, if there's a robot or a downloader, block that IP. What do you think? I'm gonna open this up for public discussion on the next poll but feel free to drop me a line with your thoughts or ideas.

Well, as you can tell, I'm somewhat undecided but definitely open to suggestions. :) Still, the one constant is that our site will never abide people who try to monopolize resources at the expense of others (it's that damn open sharing and free access stuff yet again). And for all you crackers (as opposed to real, honest-to-goodness hackers) who're choosing to ignore this, your IP's and the requests you've been making are being recorded so you're the schmucks that'll be blocked first (and if you have dynamic IPs, the whole domain will be blocked... with apologies to all innocent parties). Please do not abuse these listings. If you have some sort of emergency or extreme need (or, better yet, a practical suggestion for a better scheme), just drop me a line and we'll work something out. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your cooperation.

 Free access to the songs

All songs are available for free... uhh, for evaluation purposes only, of course. Feel free to listen to the songs as often as you'd like without ads or any kind of charges (as long as it's for personal use).

Upcoming Features

Including all sorts new features like the return of the jukebox, more songs, new interface, etc.

 More New Songs

I'm getting a new hard drive... ~40Gigs so that means I'll be able to transfer all of my collection (many of which aren't currently listed here) to the new site... for evaluation purposes only, of course!

 Got a suggestion?

Massive redesign is in the works... suggestions welcome!

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