The Sethi Family's Photo Album

A note for the reader: Since I don't have any artistic ability whatsoever, please treat the following with some latitude until another, more talented family member gets around to redesigning these pages so they look half-way presentable. Also, please note that while I'm working on any new pages, their thumbnails will link, by default, to Page 1. It's not a mistake... it's just laziness (one of my best attributes)...

Page 1 Thumbnails
Page 1... click on the above thumbnail to open that page... more to come soon!

Page 2 Thumbnails
Page 2... montage of Mom and Dad from yesterday...

Page 3 Thumbnails
Page 3... montage of Mom and Dad today...

Page 4 Thumbnails
Page 4... da kids (the early years)...

Page 5 Thumbnails
Page 5... the Sethi family in its younger, fashionably-challenged days...

Page 6... More family pics (coming soon: aunts, uncles, cousins, Pujis, Mamus, Masis, etc.)

Page 7... Pictures of friends and family (Bhasins, da Swingers, Leroi, etc.)

Temporary link to uncatalogued pictures (I've been really lazy about these; some of them have been sitting around for over a year!)

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