Mpegs Temporarily Down

I'm shifting Sethi.ORG to a new, ALPHA server (yes!) and we're gonna be increasing the hard drive (even MORE mp3's... at least 5 Gigs worth), faster processor (blazing 64-bit power), and more RAM (we finally break the 16Mb limit with 128Mb). That was the good news. The bad news (which really isn't so bad at all) is that it'll take me at least a day to set the new sucker up. I need to pop Linux on it, configure it, and transfer over the current cache of data and files.

ETA: Tuesday (8/28/00) night.

Latest Update: everything's been transferred over to the new machine but I'm still testing out all the different nooks and crannies to make sure they're working okay. Once I confirm it (by tonight) then I plan on re-organizing the mpegs (since I now have them all in one single place). The reason for the additional delay is I was trying to work out the best scheme for storing all these mp3's. I've just decided on one and will bet getting them back online tonight!

Meantime, click here for a partial list of the songs...

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