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BBQ Chicken



Sampling of select Sethi Recipes

Everyone thinks that their mom's cooking is always the best... it just so happens that this is actually true in our case. Not wanting to deprive the rest of the world of these wonderful recipes, we've decided to trick Mom into putting some of her less secret recipes on our homepage (not an easy task, let me tell you). Give em a try and we guarantee you (and your family) will be in for a grand treat!

Navigation: Simply choose the category on the left or enter some keywords in the forthcoming search box.
  To Be Done: Add more recipes; transfer all recipes to mySQL database and have actual recipe pages be created on the fly; allow search/lookup on the recipes database; create left navigational system with categories (something akin to's categorization).

Some upcoming recipes:
  • Indian favourites like GulabJamun, Aloo Paranthi, Butter Chicken, Poori Aloo, Mango Shake, etc.;
  • Indian/British Army specialties like Scotch Eggs*, Russian Fish Salad, Noodles, etc.;
  • "American" goodies like Special Lamb Chops, Baked Salmon, and much, much more!
* indicates those recipes that will be password-protected (due to overwhelming familial protests and under pain of direct physical violence being visited upon my person if said recipes are published openly, I am being forced to compromise my First Amendment Rights (hey, my sisters might be small, but damn, they can hit hard!)).

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